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Inspiration for your formulation

At Food Innovate you’ll find inspiration to formulate new products in-line with the latest market trends.

Innovative companies will explain how you can achieve a cleaner, more natural ingredients label without sacrificing on taste. They will also highlight other ways to align your products and future projects with shifting consumer demands, such as the current health and wellness trend.

In the three days you’ll dive deep into the success and failures of real-life product launches and hear from the world’s leading food and beverage companies. They will give you valuable advice on how to increase the chances of a successful product launch and avoid being in the 80% that fail.

There will also be sessions around how you can distinguish your product in the increasingly crowded market.

The 2017 event will, for the first time also be co-located with Food Sure to create Food World. The joint networking space will allow you to discuss with safety and quality professionals the areas of formulation that may be affecting your speed to market.

Food Innovate is place you’ll find inspiration not only in new ingredients but new techniques too.

You can access the agenda here.

Who Should Attend

This summit is for Heads, Directors, Managers of:

  • Product development
  • Innovations
  • Research&Development
  • Insights
  • Formulations
  • Marketing

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