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2017 Presentations

Please note, not all speakers have given permission for their presentations to be shared. We are still in the process of gaining permissions. Please check back in a week when we hope more presentations should be added.

Danone Waters Poland  GB Foods Natural Balance Foods - Jamie Combs
How to win in the Non Alcoholic Beverages market in Poland offering healthier hydration
Fabrizio Gavelli
General Manager
Danone Waters Poland
Do Big Companies Dream of Entrepreneurial Spirit?
Sejal Ravji
Global Research Director
GB Foods
21st Century Enlightened Entrepreneurism: Examples, Implications and Applications
Jamie Combs
Founder & MD
Natural Balance Foods
Lofbergs Ocean Spray Snact
Löfbergs – Innovation for the Next Generation of Coffee Lovers
Leif Sjöblom
Innovation Director
Löfbergs Lila AB
Growing the Core through Packaging
Caroline Bethell
EMEA Director of Marketing
Ocean Spray®
Snact Now: A Delicious Protest
Ilana Taub & Michael Minch-Dixon
Deval Research Podravka FlavorWiki
Neuromarketing and Consumer Food Profiling
Prof Diana Derval
Chair, Research Director
Author of the book “The Right Sensory Mix”
Lowering the Level of Salt in Food Products with a Tailor-made Ingredient
Jasmina Ranilović
Director of Research and Development
Consumer-centric Innovation: Success Stories in a Changing Landscape
Daniel D. Protz
Founder & CEO
 Chocolate Naive  Barilla  Wageningen Uni
From Bean to Bar: Innovative, Organic Chocolate Crafted through a Meticulous Analysis of Taste, Colour, Smell and Texture
Domantas Uzpalis
Chocolate Naive
Innovating with Constraints: Embedding the Sustainability Challenges in NPD
Vincenzo De Tata
Senior Product Development Manager, Sauces & Condiments
Barilla Group
Inspiration from Design – Examples of Creativity in Consumer Research in Food
Dr Siet Sijtsema
Consumer Researcher Food & Innovation
Wageningen University and Research
Cucina Barilla Euromonitor  Germatria
CucinaBarilla, i.e. how “Back to the Future” became Real
Matteo Gori
Managing Director
Barilla Group
New Food: From Healthy to Nutritious to Clean and Ethical
Ewa Hudson
Global Head Of Health and Wellness, Nutrition and Ethical Labels Reseach
Euromonitor International
Antioxidant Potential of Food Ingredients
Katinka Jung
Gematria Test Lab GmbH