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For more information or to enquire about potential speaking opportunities at this leading food innovation event,
please contact Gurtej Johal, on +44 20 7202 7631

Monday 2nd March 2015 (Day 1)


  • Introductory remarks by the Chair in the plenary room
Dr. Tim Finnigan is currently director of R&D for Quorn Foods – covering both the Quorn and Cauldron brands across 14 countries. Tim has been instrumental in the product and technology innovation programmes that have helped to establish Quorn as the world’s leading meat free brand. Tim and his team work across six manufacturing locations within a network of more than 20 key finished product suppliers and develop new products for ten countries worldwide.

Dr Tim Finnigan
Director of R&D
Quorn Foods

research & development

  • How can you find a balance between ensuring that taste remains the primary component when consumers are also demanding and searching for healthier alternatives?
  • What is there to be gained by finding this medium?
  • How can you avoid losing your own product identity at a time when consumers have become more demanding?


Johannes Baensch heads up Nestlé's global research and development operations and he has direct involvement in their growth in markets such as Africa, South America and Asia whilst also overseeing the innovation and new product development in Europe and the US. Nestlé S.A. have their headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, and are in fact the largest food company in the world measured by revenues.

Johannes Baensch
Senior Vice President, Head of Global R&D


Creativity in the avant-garde movement:

  • How can we define the term "avant-garde" in our sector?
  • What do each of us, as individuals, interpret as avant-garde?
  • How do we manage our creativity and ideas to apply it to our idea of avant-garde?


Chef Andoni is one of the most influential figures in food of our times and has led the success of his now world-renowned restaurant. Throughout his career, he has prioritised both culinary evolution and an interdisciplinary approach. Chef Andoni was voted among the top 3 chefs in the world.

Andoni Luis Aduriz
Michelin Star Chef
Mugaritz Restaurant

innovation showcase

  • The Future Ingredients Showcase is designed to highlight new ingredient solutions that will help the food and beverage industry identify the latest innovations and new technologies
  • Entrants will have five minutes to introduce their offering or solution to the entire delegate audience and convince them they deserve to be the winner of the ‘Future Ingredients Showcase Award 2015
  • The winner will be selected by an audience vote and announced at the sponsored dinner and award ceremony

Francois Delprato
Senior Director, Global Marketing and Commercial Development
Innophos, Inc

Matthijs Bults
Business Development Manager

Ulla Freitas
Scientific Marketing Manager
Lonza Ltd


Deciphering Demographics: Determining Who To Target And How To Target Them

  • Establishing a firm demographic goal from consumer insight that will inform product development and marketing
  • Clarifying the differences in how you should appeal to and communicate with different age groups
  • How can you create a product and marketing strategy that is all-encompassing?

Meet The Speakers & Networking Refreshments: 11:10-11:40

case study

  • Meeting consumer demands with intelligent innovation
  • Leveraging technical breakthroughs to create business value
  • Effective management of fast paced innovation
  • Applying a continuous improvement mindset to innovation products: optimization throughout a product’s lifecycle
  • Connecting the broader organisation to the innovation agenda to create a best in class innovation programme

Dave Madigan
Global Innovation & Brand Change Director

case study
consumer insights & marketing

  • Turning a manufacturer into an own-brand marketing company
  • Success by interpreting the past and adding today’s insights
  • Building a different kind of brand recognition between B2B and B2C marketing


Andreas Trümpler
Marketing & Innovation Director
Confiseur Läderach AG

research & development

  • Did you know that it is possible to reduce the oil uptake in fried foods while keeping them tasty?
  • Dow Pharma & Food Solutions offers unique solutions that help reducing fat in fried potato and coated food products with minimal changes to food manufacturers’ formula
  • Other fat reduction technologies include specific cellulose derivatives that enable replacement of saturated and trans-fats with healthy alternatives such as Omega-9 oils. These food additives support the development of high quality meat and bakery products that not only have significant lower calories and fat content but also a better nutritional profile

Join Michiel Van Genugten, Global Marketing Leader and Linda Bellekom-Allen, Customer Application Specialist for the live demonstration on fat reduction solutions and visit us at our booth to find out more about our complete product offering including highly functional solutions for texture enhancement, health and preservation.

Linda Bellekom-Allen
Customer Application Specialist
Dow Pharma & Food Solutions

Michiel Van Genugten
Global Marketing Leader
Dow Pharma & Food Solutions

consumer insights & marketing

  • Developing a consistent visual brand of health among your products
  • Growing a natural corporate image
  • Adding product value: Innovative methods to promote nutrition, health, and wellness

case study
research & development

  • How better understanding of consumers trends & needs helped Birds Eye/IGLO to double its innovation pipeline
  • How frozen food can contribute solving the difficult consumers equations “Taste + Value for money + Good for you”
  • How Birds Eye/IGLO reshaped its product strategy

Franck Riot
Group R&D Director
Birds Eye IGLO Group

case study

  • What did Wheyhey do to take an ice cream idea and turn it into a globally available product?
  • How can disruptive innovation be an instant commercial success?
  • How are Wheyhey continually growing their consumer base?


Wheyhey is the world's first ever protein ice cream. With all natural ingredients and absolutely no sugar, Wheyhey are one of the most innovative and successful start-ups to emerge from the UK in recent times. They now distribute their protein-rich ice cream to markets worldwide.

Damien Kennedy

Greg Duggan

case study
consumer insights & marketing

  • Trends in food safety: which country offers the safest food in the world, and why?
  • Trends and in global food trades
  • Trends in food science, consumer trends
  • Why we need emerging markets more than they need us

Dr Sylvain Charlebois
Professor of Food Distribution and Policy
University of Guelph

research & development

  • Focus on global macro health trends and key nutrition and general wellness markets drivers
  • Kerry's integrated approach to R&D: a dual focus on addressing the taste and nutrition challenges
  • Connecting our customers with their consumers - how to develop solutions relevant to individual life stages and need states, illustrated with a case study

Albert McQuaid
Kerry Group


  • There are many ways of approaching sustainable innovation
  • It is the nature of the interaction of ingredients that is important
  • Functionalities can be optimised through fats and oils rather than having to create new ones
  • Specific functional blends can provide the desired quality, taste and texture of modern foods

consumer insights & marketing

  • Increased consumer power is here to stay and looks set to grow within the food and beverage industry
  • How can you turn consumers into advocates for your brand and build brand loyalty?
  • Exploring proactive methods to align your products to the shifting consumer demand rather than being reactionary


Plenary Workshop

Deciphering Demographics: Determining Who To Target And How To Target Them

  • Establishing a firm demographic goal from consumer insight that will inform product development and marketing
  • Clarifying the differences in how you should appeal to and communicate with different age groups
  • How can you create a product and marketing strategy that is all-encompassing?

Meet The Speakers & Networking Refreshments: 15:50-16:20

panel discussion

  • Is true innovation being led by small start-ups or large corporations? What can be learnt from both sides?
  • What is disruptive innovation? How can it be commercially successful?
  • What are the benefits of collaborative innovation?
  • How open is Open Innovation? Do collaborators always hold back?

Chris Jones
Director of Culinary Innovation
Hampton Creek

Sophie Castell
Global Category Director, Water
The Coca-Cola Company

Wayne Morley
Group Head of Technical Innovation
2 Sisters Food Group


  • The Chair of the summit comments on the main highlights of Day 1 of the summit and invites all delegates to the evening drinks reception

Dr Tim Finnigan
Director of R&D
Quorn Foods



  • Delegates will have the unique opportunity to network in an informal environment at the highly acclaimed L'atelier des Chefs kitchen in St Paul's for this specially designed global street food cooking class
  • This will be the first time in the event's history that delegates will be able to learn some tips and tricks first-hand from expert chefs
  • Whether you are a polished perfectionist or a novice newcomer, this is a great opportunity to work with peers in a relaxed and friendly environment at one of London's finest cooking classes
  • To book your place, please select the option on the delegate booking form

Tuesday 3rd March 2015 (Day 2)

breakfast briefing

  • Red Arrow EU approved smoke condensates offer manufacturers of meats, fish and cheeses the highest level of food safety available for smoking processes
  • Those companies striving to maximize sustainability at all levels must consider smoke condensates as the most environmentally friendly alternative
  • To achieve high quality, consistent smoked products, Red Arrow’s combination of purified condensed smoke and equipment technology is the key to success
  • How do smoke condensates and smoke flavors differ?
  • Attendees can enjoy a variety of samples smoked with Red Arrow smoke condensates

Chris Gutman
Managing Director
Red Arrow International

Peter Dingelhoff
Western European Territory Manager
Red Arrow International


  • Introductory remarks and recap of Day 1 by the Chair in the plenary room

Dr Tim Finnigan
Director of R&D
Quorn Foods

consumer insights & marketing

  • From small launches to global product successes by knowing your consumer and pinpointing the need in the industry
  • Learning fast to improve faster – tracking performance to feed innovation
  • Case study: How Heineken leveraged deep consumer knowledge to transform Radler from a product launched in Austria 5 years ago to a success in over 50 countries worldwide


Marcelo Amstalden Möller leads the Consumer & Market Intelligence division for Innovation, Global Brands and Cider at Heineken. He has become a leading figure in consumer innovation and marketing across a number of industry sectors.

Marcelo Amstalden Möller
Head of Global CMI – Innovation, Global Brands & Cider
Heineken Group B.V.

research & development

  • In the European Union, healh claims on foods and food supplements must be scientifically substantiated
  • In December 2006, the European Union published its Regulation 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods
  • The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) provides the scientific advise to the European Commission for health claims submitted under Regulation 1924/2006. With regards to concerns on general function health claims in Europe, more than 44,000 proposals were made, from which the European Commission prepared a list of about 4,600 submitted to EFSA for their scientific evaluation
  • EFSA has evaluated roughly two-thirds of these, with the large majority of them having a judgment of “a cause and effect relationship has not been established”
  • As from 14 December 2012 all claims that are not authorised or on hold/under consideration are prohibited
  • What is happening right now and how will this affect the future of health claims on food products?

Prof. Dr. Hans Verhagen is a member of the Panel on Dietetic products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA), which brings together highly qualified risk assessment experts from various European nationalities. He is also the Senior Scientific Advisor for Nutrition and Food Safety at RIVM.

Prof. Dr. Hans Verhagen
Senior Scientific Advisor in Nutrition and Food Safety
National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
NDA Panel Member

case study
research & development

  • The 1960’s - a time of growing concerns over food security and the birth of new ideas
  • How did the ‘green revolution’ save a billion lives?
  • What are the new nutritional paradigm’s of the 21st century?
  • The big bets for the future - how might innovations in food science and technology complement our current focus on agricultural intensification?
  • New sustainable proteins and fear of the unknown - consumer and brand communication challenges

Dr Tim Finnigan
Director of R&D
Quorn Foods

case study

  • Why has Open Innovation led to a growth in breakthrough innovation?
  • What is the most effective model to enhance product development and streamline the business cohesion between parties?
  • How can you avoid falling into the pitfalls of broken communication?

Dr Abigail Watts
Open Innovation Manager (CTO)
Lucozade Ribena Suntory

research & development

  • Going beyond nutrition: utilizing protein to optimize product quality and shelf life
  • Comparing protein benefit, functionality, and price
  • Progressing through the protein lifecycle: Identifying when the timing is right


  • Considering the functional potentials of active packaging
  • Interacting with your consumers through intelligent and responsive material technologies
  • Adapting emerging technologies and principles into your current packaging

consumer insights & marketing

  • Triggering consumer engagement through packaging design
  • Compelling your consumers to share their experience on social media
  • Case study: Why was Share a Coke so successful?

case study
research & development

  • Awaiting full session abstract
case study

  • Sourcing innovation: making the most of your surroundings
  • The background behind the amazing and inspirational tale of a man who took to the River Thames to put things right
  • How did Bob take a theory and turn it into reality?
  • What does the future hold for Crayaway?

Bob Ring
Eco-Business Owner

case study
consumer insights & marketing

  • Driving consumer engagement at every step of the process
  • Working with consumers to create the future
  • Exciting the consumer with new and unexpected breakfast offerings


Ciara Dilley is at the forefront of Kellogg's European innovation agenda, leading an exciting programme which harnesses the opportunities on the current portfolio as well as exploring possibilities for the future. She has been a leading figure with food and beverage innovation for over 16 years.

Ciara Dilley
European Senior Director Innovation
Kellogg Company


  • Taking mainstream products, such as mayonnaise and cookie dough, and making them more sustainable and healthier by removing eggs
  • The journey from an initial idea to a tangible and breakthrough product offering
  • Successfully expanding Hampton Creek products into new markets - from the US to the rest of the world

Chris Jones
Director of Culinary Innovation
Hampton Creek


  • The Chair of the summit comments on the main highlights of the two days and offers his closing remarks

Dr Tim Finnigan
Director of R&D
Quorn Foods