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Day 1 – Monday 22nd May 2017
Heineken Factory Tour

heineken factory

  • We are pleased to announce that on Day 1 of Food Week 2017, delegates will have an exclusive opportunity to attend a tour of the Heineken factory in Zoeterwoude
  • The Zoeterwoude factory is the biggest and most modern brewery of Western-Europe, and the tour will offer a complete and elaborate insight about the process and production
  • There are only 80 places on the factory tour, and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis
11:15 – 12:00
Registration & Refreshments
12:00 – 13:00
Networking Lunch
13:00 – 13:10
Chair’s Opening Remarks
13:10 – 13:50
Innovation & Technology
Turning Popcorn into a Multi-Million Pound Business: My Experience of Success in the UK Food Industry

Propercorn logo

  1. The story – where the idea came from
  2. Starting a business rooted in passion – how Cassandra left her job in advertising and moved home
  3. Success is about spotting an opportunity but it has to be authentic
  4. Our business is framed by the line ‘done properly’: it is an approach to making everything the best it can possibly be.This means:
  • Creativity at the heart of everything we do
  • Assume indifference: you need to offer real value
  • Resourcefulness
  • The importance of people (here she will speak about our team and the culture at Propercorn HQ)
  • A bespoke approach: each country has its own unique landscape

Cassandra Stavrou

13:50 – 13:55
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13:55 – 14:25
Case Study
Innovation & Technology
CucinaBarilla, i.e. how “Back to the Future” became Real

  • New consumer needs require new business models
  • What has changed so far in Food? Not much. What is changing? Everything.
  • Business process outsourcing as key to disruptive innovation
  • Big companies and start-ups: insights from different worlds
  • Project teams and entrepreneurship

Matteo Gori
Managing Director, CucinaBarilla
Barilla Group

14:25 – 14:30
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14:30 – 15:00
Solution Spotlight
Consumer Insights & Marketing
Consumer Flavor Intelligence by Foodpairing

Foodpairing logo (web version)

  • The digitalization of food is finally happening – e.g. robots, big data, internet of things etc.
  • Data driven flavor & consumer insights – the need for smarter research
  • Consumer Flavor Intelligence – combining different data sources to successfully identify the flavors of tomorrow

Johan Langenbick
Founder and CEO

Solution Spotlight
R&D & Formulation
Value from Gut-mediated Health – Optimizing Gut Microbiota with Tailored Bioactive Ingredients

VTT logo

  • How can tailored bioactive ingredients help you to achieve your health and nutrition NPD targets?
  • Development of novel natural dietary fibre ingredients with positive effects on gut microbiota
  • Design of new appealing and healthy food products with bioactive ingredients
  • Case examples of gut-mediated health with grains, berries, dietary fiber complexes and agro-biomass side streams

Maria Saarela
Senior Principal Scientist
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

15:00 – 16:00
iSolve & Networking Break
16:00 – 16:30
Case Study
Innovation & Technology
Directing Corporate Innovation in an Integrating Approach


  • Exploring and executing new to market and business opportunity platforms with Marketing, Sales, NPD and R&D
  • Developing the organizational culture and grow the mindset around innovation to get breakthroughs done

Mike Vermeer
Head of Innovation
Lamb Weston

Case Study
R&D & Formulation
Creating a Healthy Beverage for Children

Danone logo - web version

  • How to influence the hydration habits of children, attract shoppers (parents) and consumers
  • The challenge of hydrating kids with healthy beverages
  • Usage of natural sweeteners
  • Plain water and aquadrink positioned toward children
  • Bringing a more fun aquadrink and water to the market – pack activation

Cecilia Pesao
R&D Mega Brands Manager
Aguas Danone Argentina

16:30 – 16:35
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16:35 – 17:05
Solution Spotlight
R&D & Formulation
Raisins as a Sugar Alternative: What are the Functional Health Benefits of Raisins?

SunMaid Logo with Banner (web version)

Excessive added sugar has become a public health concern world wide

  • The WHO has set a limit of 10% of calories from added sugar
  • Intrinsic sugar found in intact fruits does not classified as added sugar
  • The FDA has also set a 10% limit and required added sugar to be listed on the label
  • Manufactures are searching for ways to reduce added sugar yet retain sweetness
  • Raisins and raisin paste have been used to: reduce added sugar, retain sweetness and increase nutritive value of the foods
  • Heat treated raisins can be used products with higher water activity to increase shelf-life

Jim Painter PhD, RD
Adjunct Professor
University of Texas | Sun-Maid

Solution Spotlight
Innovation & Technology
Implementing Automation Technologies to Enable Innovation in our Sector

Omron logo

  • Innovation feasibility in production in terms of product integrity and viability

Robert Brooks
European Industry Marketing Manager – Food & Beverage

17:05 – 17:10
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17:10 – 18:00
Panel Discussion
It Affects Us All: How the Food Industry Must Start Preparing for a Future Population of 9 Billion by 2050

Which logo

  • What measures must food companies begin to take to prepare to feed a growing population?
  • How can manufacturers guard against excessive production costs by becoming more energy-efficient and reducing waste across all sites?
  • Why will sourcing, commodity prices and cost-effective alternatives play a greater role than ever before in product formulations?

Sue Davies MBE
Chief Policy Advisor

Anton Timpers
Senior Investment Officer
FMO – Dutch Development Bank

Karl Deily
President of Food Care
Sealed Air

Toine Timmermans
Program Manager Sustainable Food Chains
Wageningen University

18:00 – 18:05
Chair’s Closing Remarks
18:15 – 19:00
Networking Drinks Reception
19:15 – 20:45
Amsterdam Canal Tour

canalThe history of Amsterdam is intimately connected with water. Its 165 canals were created over the centuries to stimulate trade and transport and reclaim land to expand the city. They continue to define the city’s landscape and in 2010 Amsterdam’s canal ring was recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. In this relaxing end to the day, network with your fellow attendees over drinks and canapes as we cruise the city’s historical centre by boat.

Day 2 – Tuesday 23rd May 2017
07:45 – 08:30
Registration & Refreshments

08:30 – 08:35
Chair’s Opening Remarks

Innovation & Technology
Big Innovation by Big Companies – Really?


  • The session will address all the reasons driving the conventional wisdom that big companies cannot deliver big innovation – and that they have to go acquire it from small to medium start ups (recent examples – Annies, Bai)
  • How big companies can innovate and innovate big – provided they are incredibly mindful to all the natural forces that do work against them – and proactively put in place the right conditions to overcome them
  • Barry will give numerous examples from his own 20+ year journey innovating big inside of big companies – proof points – with an emphasis on Kraft and Mondelez’s journeys and a very big new Mondelez innovation and story behind it that will be public by the time of the conference
  • Providing a framework and some core principles that anyone at any big company can latch onto and action if they want to overcome the odds – or perceived odds – to deliver big innovation from big companies

Barry Calpino
Vice President – Innovation
Conagra Brands

09:15 – 09:55
R&D & Formulation
How to Win in the Beverages Market in Poland by Offering Healthier Hydration

Danone logo - web version

  • Can a water brand become the leader in the Non-Alcoholic Beverages Market?
  • How to make the healthier hydration proposition relevant to different target groups?
  • How healthier hydration and sustainability can work together
  • How to build a differentiating brand proposition in the Water market
  • What is the role of innovation to win in Non-Alcoholic Beverages?

Fabrizio Gavelli
General Manager, Waters Poland

09:55 – 10:00
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10:00 – 10:30
Case Study
Innovation & Technology
Desperados Flare: The Struggle and Success of a Brave New Product


  • What was the strategy for creating a shining and swirling beer?
  • How were shareholders persuaded to give a chance to such a disruptive new innovation?
  • What were the technical and production challenges?
  • Key considerations taken for launching an innovative new product simultaneously in 10 countries

Ligia Patrocinio
Desperados Sr. Global Innovation Manager

Case Study
R&D & Formulation
New Food: From Healthy to Nutritious to Clean and Ethical

Euromonitor International logo (web version)

The food industry is undergoing a radical change, as health conditions soar together with social concerns over society, health, and the environment. Consumers struggle to understand what is healthy, with the story of yesterday being contradicted by today’s news. Food quality is scrutinised more than ever. Rebuilding trust in our brands and redefining health have become key priorities.

In her presentation Ewa will discuss:

  • The changing world of health and wellness, from heavy reformulation to naturally nutritious to clean, with a focus on the most affected developed markets
  • The potential for ethical labelling to create/rebuild trust in a brand. Which markets are the most active in ethical labelling, and which certifications hold the most value with consumers across packaged food and drinks
  • How other values, such as locally-produced, authentic or produced to religious labels standards, resonate with consumers

Ewa Hudson
Global Head Of Health and Wellness, Nutrition and Ethical Labels Reseach
Euromonitor International

10:30 – 11:30
iSolve & Networking Break


11:30 – 12:00
Case Study
Innovation & Technology
Löfbergs – Innovation for the Next Generation of Coffee Lovers

Lofbergs logo (web version)

    During the presentation, Leif will explore the innovation culture in at Löfbergs – still innovating after 110 years. He will conclude the presentation by presenting the case of the Löfbergs ICE-Concept (RTD-Ice Coffee, Cold Brew and Sparkling Tea), which has been a great success.

  • Löfbergs ICE was launched in mid-2015 in a category that has been around for quite some time, and dominated by companies such as Starbucks, Arla etc.
  • What are the keys for success in their case? What did they bring to the consumer, that caught their attention?

Leif Sjöblom
Innovation Director
Löfbergs Lila AB

Case Study
Consumer Insights & Marketing
Do Big Companies Dream of Entrepreneurial Spirit?
  • The world is changing, consumers are in constant flux
  • Is it better to be big or small in this new world?
  • What type of mindset do we need in our business today to compete in the future?

Dr Sejal Ravji
Global Research Director
GB Foods

12:00 – 12:05
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12:05 – 12:35
Solution Spotlight
Innovation & Technology
Balancing Flavour Profiles in Products with Reduced Fat, Sugar and Salt

logo givaudan

  • Consumers want healthier foods and beverages, but with the same great tastes
  • Health and wellness is now an essential part of people’s lives, right across the world
  • Whereas once people might have compromised on flavour in favour of lower calorie foods, today expectations are much higher

Christian Sobolta
Head of Creation & Application, Center of Excellence Flavours, EAME

Solution Spotlight
R&D & Formulation
Using Nature to Create for the Food Industry

Emsland logo (web version)

  • Potatoes and peas are natural raw materials with healthy properties that are processed into innovative products

Thomas Pruter
Director R&D & Innovation
Emsland Group

12:35 – 12:40
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12:40 – 13:10
Case Study
Consumer Insights & Marketing
How can you Successfully Turn Insights into Actions in Store?

Cloetta logo

  • Why did Cloetta’s most recent in store project win the Best Practice Award in the US at the annual Category Management Awards?
  • After noticing the sudden decline in category sales for their throat pastilles, the team set out on a thorough research and analytics project
  • After defining key factors for the poor performance, they put together an award-winning action plan

Thomas Thorfinn
Head of Category, Scandinavia
Cloetta Sverige AB

Case Study
R&D & Formulation
Sugar – A Minute to Learn, a Lifetime to Master

Nordzucker Group logo

  • Sugar reduction, on everybody’s mind but not always that easy
  • Sugar the functional ingredient
  • The three sensory characteristics of sugar products

Ingemar Gröön
Head of Product Development
Nordzucker Group

13:10 – 14:10
Networking Lunch


14:10 – 14:40
Case Study
Innovation & Technology
An Organic, Chilli-Infused Juice Drink with a Kick

Caliente Beverages International AB

  • Caliente is the first chili-infused premium drink, innovating in the non-alcoholic beverages sector
  • How has such a unique taste been achieved while maintaining the Swedish values of quality, transparency, health and naturalness?

Thomas Adner
Founder & Managing Director
Caliente Beverages

Case Study
R&D & Formulation
Institutional Innovations in Support of Public-Private Partnerships in Food Value Chain Development
  • Public-Private partnerships in agri-food value chains as sustainable sourcing strategies

Khalid El Harizi
Former Lead Technical Specialist
International Fund for Agricultural Development (formerly)

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14:45 – 15:15
Solution Spotlight
Innovation & Technology
Start to Plan the Right PLM Journey!

logo SiNfoOne

  • F&B and NPD: studying the map
  • Choosing the vehicle: drive the IT
  • PLM journeys: reading similar experiences
  • Agile PLM sightseeing

Paola Pomi
General Manager
Sinfo One

Solution Spotlight
R&D & Formulation
Antioxidant Potential of Food Ingredients

Gematria logo (web version)

Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy (ESR) reduces development periods and facilitates:

  • Selection of optimum raw materials for antioxidant compositions
  • Optimum antioxidant mixtures for different categories of finished products
  • Shelf life prolongation by improved management of peroxide radical chain reactions
  • Creation of healthier food

Katinka Jung
Gematria Test Lab GmbH

15:15 – 16:15
iSolve & Networking Refreshments


16:15 – 16:45
Consumer Insights & Marketing
Making the Right Thing, The Easy Thing

Leon Restaurants logo (web version)

  • It is not easy growing a business with strong principles, but it makes the brand stronger in the long term
  • Customers don’t have to choose you for your principles, but they will like you more when they find out about them
  • The right thing increasingly comes with a strong business case attached and drives sustainable innovation
  • A talk based on our point of view and experience at LEON, the naturally fast food company

Kirsty Saddler
Brand and Marketing Director
LEON Restaurants

16:45 – 17:20

Consumer Insights & Marketing
Inspiration from Design – Examples of Creativity in Consumer Research in Food

Wageningnen UR logo (web version)

Several examples from research about healthy and sustainable food and lifestyle will be presented showing the application of:

  • Multidisciplinary cooperation – communication between social and technical sciences
  • Consumer oriented approach – target groups; taste, motives, orientations and emotions
  • Design thinking – creativity and visualisation

Dr Siet Sijtsema
Consumer Researcher Food & Innovation
Wageningen University and Research

17:20 – 17:25
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17:25 – 18:15
Panel Discussion
Getting Out of Silos: How a Collective Approach to Food Development Can Optimise your Product

Danone-Nutricia-logo (web version)
Mondelez International logo

  • Bringing together leaders from various disciplines across the food industry, this panel will explore the nature of business silos in the food industry
  • The panellists will discuss how a lack of communication between departments increases the risk of failures and delays
  • Learn how companies are breaking down these silos to optimise and accelerate their product cycles

Christine Lodder
Global Quality Director
Danone Nutricia

Barry Calpino
Vice President – Innovation
Conagra Brands

Dr. Zoltan Syposs
Group QSE Director
Coca-Cola HBC

Furio Suggi Liverani
Chief Technology Officer and Corporate R&D Director
illycaffè S.p.A.

18:15 – 18:20
Chair’s Closing Remarks

18.20 – 19.20
Networking Drinks Reception

19:00 – 22:30
Amsterdam Walking Food Tour


Discover Amsterdam with your fellow food-loving delegates from all over the globe on this interactive food adventure that connects you right to the heart of the city and daily life in an open, casual and creative way. Enjoy food combined with stories, culture, and a good time, while supporting the smaller family-owned businesses, enjoying stories behind them and Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ (a word loosely translated as coziness and warmth).19:00 – Introduction at Krasnapolsky Hotel
19:30 – Visit a traditional Dutch Jenever tasting house for a typical Dutch Jenever
20:15 – Starter, main dish and drink at a cozy Dutch restaurant (choice of meat, fish or vegetarian option)
21:15 – Dutch cheese and meat tasting paired with wine
21:45 – Final drink and a typical Dutch bite at traditional Amsterdam “brown bar”Tickets are £110 and the tour is strictly limited to 15 places
Day 3 – Wednesday 24th May 2017
08.00 – 08.40
Registration & Refreshments

08.40 – 08.45
Chair’s Opening Remarks

08.45 – 09.20
Innovation & Technology
Redesigning for the Future in a Changing World: The Case of Coffee Industry

illycaffe logo (web version)

  • During the last recession cycle, companies chose to minimise risk and focus on established products. As a result, R&D moved resources on low-risk projects to create revenues in a few years
  • Low revenue growth has shown that the limits of that approach has been reached
  • Companies will need to take more risks through longer-term, higher-risk innovation programmes revitalising R&D competency
  • Explaining how through science and technology, new consumer needs could be addressed with a new wave of innovation

Furio Suggi Liverani
Chief Technology Officer and Corporate R&D Director
illycaffè S.p.A.

09.20 – 09.55
Consumer Insights & Marketing
21st Century Enlightened Entrepreneurism: Examples, Implications and Applications

Natural Balance Foods - Food Innovate 2017

  • How can you align your brand with your message?
  • Inspire and empower yourself and others
  • Lead the way

Jamie Combs
Founder & Managing Director
Natural Balance Foods

09:55 – 10:00
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10:00 – 10:30
Case Study
Innovation & Technology
Innovating with Constraints: Embedding the Sustainability Challenges in NPD


Many think that innovating is easier without limitations. In reality working against challenging constraints is not restricting innovation possibilities but rather the opposite.

As consumers become more interested in purchasing green products, a highly developed corporate social responsibility policy becomes a fixed constraint also in new product development.

A key question is how to incorporate constraints (and opportunities) into the innovation process to fully exploit its potential and not only to mitigate its cost. We will share the Barilla Good for You, Good for the Planet way of doing business and impact on NPD through the Voiello Relaunch case study.

Vincenzo De Tata
Senior Product Development Manager, Sauces & Condiments
Barilla Group

Case Study
Consumer Insights & Marketing
Snact Now: A Delicious Protest

Snact logo (web version)

  • More than 1/3 of food grown globally is thrown away despite the fact that much of it could easily be used
  • The issue is larger than just the food industry
  • When food is wasted, all of the resources that went into growing, packing, and transporting it like water, energy, and labour are also being wasted
  • Snact makes deliciously sustainable snacks. They buy ugly and unwanted fruit from British farmers to act on food waste and their packaging is home compostable helping them
  • This is their #DELICIOUSPROTEST. Snact was created by Michael and Ilana who will share their experience of starting a sustainable food business having had no prior experience in the food industry, and explain what makes drives them on their mission to make the world a better place one snack at a time

Ilana Taub

10:30 – 11:30
Networking Refreshments

11:30 – 12:00
Case Study
Innovation & Technology
Why we need Healthy New Proteins with a Low Environmental Impact


  • Food security – lessons from the past
  • Looking into the future – is our meat addiction literally really costing the earth?
  • Why our dietary choices can no longer be separated from their impact on our health but also the environment
  • How can we think differently about our food – Quorn case study
  • Encouraging signs that consumers are open to change

Dr Tim Finnigan
Technical Innovation Director
Quorn Foods

Case Study
Consumer Insights & Marketing
Neuromarketing and Consumer Food Profiling

Derval Research logo

  • How to use the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience to segment consumers
  • The importance of targeting the right persona
  • Tools to adapt food products to every local market
  • How to increase the innovation hit rate

Prof Diana Derval
Chair, Research Director | DervalResearch
Author of the book “The Right Sensory Mix”

12:00 – 12:05
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12:05 – 12:35
Case Study
R&D & Formulation
Lowering the Level of Salt in Food Products with a Tailor-made Ingredient

Podravka logo

  • Why did we decide to develop our own salt substitute?
  • No compromise on taste: is it the same, similar or different for the consumer?
  • The challenges in the reformulation process

Jasmina Ranilović
Director of Research and Development

Solution Spotlight
Innovation & Technology
Consumer-centric Innovation: Success Stories in a Changing Landscape

FlavorWiki_dark (web version)

  • The past ten years have witnessed an explosion in consumer demand for products and services that are personal, authentic and fresh
  • At the same time, the e-commerce revolution has democratised product distribution, and social media has made direct-to-consumer marketing a reality
  • Brands that have capitalised on these shifts are thriving

Daniel D. Protz
Founder & CEO

12:35 – 12:40
Please Move to your Next Session

12:40 – 13:10

R&D & Formulation
How to Achieve a Radical Innovation in the Compatible Capsule Market

Delica AG logo (web version)

  • One sentence was the brief for our new innovative capsule system TWÏN which is compatible with Dolce Gusto and also uses our Delizio capsules: “Develop a multi beverage system for Migros”
  • From this brief we evolved a vision of a new capsule concept to give our customer and consumers a new barista like experience at home
  • We will take you on the journey of this development. Starting from the dreams in the beginning down to the ground war with the team during the ramp up phase in production
  • What were the key factors to the success of this project? We like to share the most important insights with you

Roland Affolter
Head of R&D
Delica AG

13:10 – 14:10
Networking Lunch


14:10 – 14:45
Innovation & Technology
From Bean to Bar: Innovative, Organic Chocolate Crafted through a Meticulous Analysis of Taste, Colour, Smell and Texture

Chocolate Naive logo

  • Sourcing from around the world to only find the very best ingredients
  • Seeking to become world class craftsmen – naive roasts, winnows, conches and tempers chocolate in ways that help to reveal the character of a particular region, be it Peru, Madagascar, Venezuala or any other

Domantas Uzpalis
Chocolate Naive

14:45 – 15:20
Consumer Insights & Marketing
Growing the Core through Packaging
Ocean Spray logo
  • Approaching innovation by basing it around one single fruit
  • Building consumer interest around the clean label and natural trend

Caroline Bethell
EMEA Director of Marketing
Ocean Spray®

15:20 – 15:30
Chair’s Closing Remarks