The PR Hacks That Exceeded These Entrepreneurs' Expectations

Source: Forbes

17 February 2019

In 2018 Damien Lee, founder and CEO of noodle company Mr Lee’s Pure Foods, was one of the speakers at the international World Food Innovate Summit. It led to mainstream media coverage in the French language, and ultimately to being discovered by one of the largest supermarket networks in France, which they are now in advanced discussions with.

“As a startup we had done speaking events in the local area, for example to university students,” says marketing and communications director Kasia Bigda. “That brings you contacts, local press, bloggers’ coverage, and social media mentions, and helps you to prepare for much bigger events.”

The company began actively researching global events and pitching the organisers for a speaking opportunity, eventually landing the World Food Innovate Summit spot.

“You don’t need to be an expert speaker,” says Bigda. “Having an inspirational brand or personal story, or innovative product or service can be enough to secure great media exposure and business opportunities.”

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Damien Lee
, CEO & Founder of Mr Lee's Pure Foods speaking at the 2018 World Food Innovate Summit, Amsterdam