Bringing the Real Food Revolution to Vitamins & Supplements

18 April 2018 08:50 - 09:25

Swanson Health was family-founded in 1969 as a catalog-based vitamin and supplement company looking to bring health and wellness to people around the world. Nearly 50 years later, Swanson is a top online and catalog marketer of healthy living products, selling both Swanson Health and third-party brands, yet the opportunity remained to attract new customers.

This session will take you through a case-study of how Swanson transformed their approach to new product development, combining data analytics, health and ingredient trends, and technology processes. The ultimately helped overcome barriers and challenges to successfully launch a line of synthetic- and yeast-free real food vitamins and supplements to meet the wants of today’s health and wellness customers.

Shane Durkee, Chief Innovation Officer, Swanson Health