Did the Emperor have any Clothes?

18 April 2018 14:25 - 15:00

When we sip a drink, what do we really taste? What makes us decide one product is healthier than another? What makes us price conscious one moment and brand conscious the next? What do we need to put in our labels to attract a range of personality types? In the saturated global food market, the depth of answers you have to these psychological questions is the key to overcoming your competition.

Consumer’s make hundreds of choices a day, and contrary to the view point that these decisions are banal or insignificant, science shows that these decisions are as individually profound in structure as their cumulative impact is on our quality of life.

The story of the world’s most iconic food brands, be they market leaders or disruptors is so much deeper than the ingredients they use or the packaging they print. A consumer’s experience of a food brand is an intricate web of perception, identity, experience and expectation. Successful producers take all these elements and synthesise them into a coherent brand story which resonates with their audience and creates a loyal customer base.

Recent breakthroughs in cognitive mapping and digital psychometrics are allowing brands to gain an intricate psychological understanding of millions of consumers on an individual basis. This understanding allows new brands, products and marketing messages to be created with increased certainty of success.

Richard Summers, Research Director, Centre for Scalable Psychology Profiling