2030 Food Renaissance

13 May 2019 15:50 - 16:25

  • Nowadays, there are no frontiers in global food consumption
  • This great migration starts two generations ago with the massification of western diets and products, creating a common organoleptic profile
  • With global food standards (developed by CPG’s and Fast Food Chains) consumers started to question origins, flavors, benefits, and values
  • After ten years where FTAs and human migrations were exponential than ever before, ‘new’ foods are building an evolve version of the global common taste
  • The new players in terms of ingredients, denominations, and claims spreads rapidly thanks to social media, and success or failure in a blink
  • Global FMCGs begins a migration to SKUs where lifestyles and exoticness goes mainstream thanks to a mixture between affordability, and a constant behavioral review
  • For the newest generation (current kids) what the majority consider today ‘upscale’, for them will be common or mandatory in terms of food. A complete transformation is ahead (2030)
  • What are the characteristics, issues and challenges of this new version of the food industry, and how to win on this context, will be the central takeout's of this session

Luis Carlos Chacón, Op-Ed Columnist | Global Consultant, Forbes Latin America | BusinessCase