How Wholesale Stores Co-operate with Start-ups and Bring Innovative Products to Customers

14 May 2019 08:50 - 09:25

NX-FOOD is Food Innovation Hub of the wholesale store chain METRO that has been created in early 2018. In the first year of its existence, NX-FOOD created a successful programme for start-ups Start-up Shelf, assisted in installing vertical farming units in restaurants and supermarkets, made METRO the first store to introduce insect-based pasta and launched a successful partnership with one of the biggest European low-cost carriers Eurowings.

Director Food Innovation NX-FOOD will share the achievements and learnings of the first year as well as his personal insights:

- How to educate the wholesale customers about food innovation?
- Benefits of vertical farming for stores and restaurants
- First listing of insect-based product in the supermarket: customer reaction and our learnings
- How do we help start-ups validate their product in the wholesale environment with Start-up Shelf programme
- Current Trends in food products and wholesale: building trustful relationship with the customers

Fabio Ziemssen, Director of Food Innovation, NX-FOOD (METRO AG)