Surfacing Innovations to Transform the Food System to Deliver Affordable, Safe and Nutritious Foods for All, especially the Most Vulnerable

14 May 2019 12:10 - 12:45

Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG 2) set the ambitious objective to end hunger, achieve food security, and improve nutrition by 2030. We are a long way from this goal: today more than 800 million people suffer from hunger while more than 2 billion people are overweight or obese; another 2 billion lack key micronutrients like vitamin A, and malnutrition impairs the development of more than 200 million children.

If we are to achieve SDG 2, we need to rethink food systems, including the way we process, distribute, and consume food. We need to innovate to improve nutrition outcomes.

GAIN will present outcomes from research conducted in collaboration with our partner, GKI (Global Knowledge Institute). We have invited more than 30 global experts to evaluate 68 selected innovations for their potential to improve nutrition outcomes in emerging markets and converge upon a suite of innovations that are likely to have significant impacts in one or more contexts. The selected innovations to be evaluated are related to the following categories: i)  Food Design, ii) Information Connectivity, iii) Market Connectivity, iv) Material Science, v) Supply Chain Connectivity, and vi) Supply Chain Technology.

We are using a modified Delphi technique to identify the top innovations to transform the availability, safety, and shelf life of nutritious foods in emerging markets over the next 5 years. The Delphi approach is a qualitative, prospective research methodology from the field of Futures Studies. This method relies on expertise and intuition to filter a set of ideas about the future through successive rounds of research to elicit insights about which of these ideas are most likely to occur. It can be used to support a range of strategic planning initiatives, such as long-term policy development and scenarios analysis. Our research objective is to inform strategic innovation investments by GAIN and the global nutrition community that will stimulate progress toward the nutrition goals laid out in SDG2.

Charlotte Pedersen, Senior Advisor, GAIN – Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition