How to Handle Trade-Offs Between Quality, Safety and Costs especially in the Context of a Post-COVID Recession?

11 November 2020 09:00 - 09:45

  • Has your industry experienced an increase in ‘product reformulation’ since the beginning of COVID?
  • How can we serve the different consumer groups that will arise after COVID (e.g. ‘insulated’ vs ‘constrained’)?
  • How to reach the right balance between potential short-term gains and long-term reputation, both at product and brand/company level?

Matteo Gori, Global Marketing Director, Barilla Group

Johan Sanders, Chief Product Officer, Dawn Foods Global

Jörn Gutowski, Founder, TRY Foods

Liliana Caimacan, Head of Global Innovation, Tata Global Beverages

Neil Lister, Group Technical Excellence Manager, AB World Foods Ltd