Rise of the Appliances: Tackling the Challenges of Consumer Loyalty & Packageless Delivery with Innovative Connected Dispensers

18 October 2021 14:10 - 14:40

(Smart) Dispensers are on the rise, driven by the quest for growth, differentiation and consumer insights, an increased awareness for sustainability and circular economy, and fueled by digitization and e-commerce. Connected dispensers - at home, out-of-home or in retail - have huge potential to create new D2C channels, increase customer loyalty, generate valuable data on product use, enable circular business models and much more. 

But they're also complex and present significant challenges for FMCG manufacturers, to which this specific domain is often out-of-core. 

In this session, participants will get inspiration on the innovation opportunities of appliances, but also learn about the need for an integrated approach and key success factors in the development of such Product-Services combinations, based on real world examples.

Frederik Aldelhof, Business Development Manager FMCG, Verhaert